After the successful premiere 2014 and the successful sequels 2015 to 2018, the Dancing Superstars Festival from 31.05. - 02.06.2019 in Bremen.

Once again, renowned coaches have made their mark on the various workshops and DTV trainer congress.
 Alongside Roberto and Uta Albanese, the two DTV national headcoaches Martina Weßel-Therhorn (standard) and Horst Beer (Latin), as well as Catia & Giordano Vanone, Fabio Selmi, Dmitry Zharkov, Emanuel Valeri, Barbara Ambroz, Karina Rubio, Slavik Kryklyvyy and Colin James, as well as many other renowned coaches all over the world.

What is special about the offered workshops in Bremen is that not only the tournament couples in standard and Latin, salsa etc. are addressed, but also all other dance enthusiasts have the opportunity to work once with TOP coaches and new sides of their leisure time discover.

As a brilliant highlight of the festival, as in the last two years, on 01 June 2019, the great Galanight is planned. Not only do you enjoy outstanding shows of the best in dance sport, but also have a glamorous ambience with a live orchestra, including a lot of opportunities to swing the famous "dance-leg".

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